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Who are we ?

    Grodess is a social application. it is an application which aims to group business and commercial announcements on the same platform; Whatever your need: sell, buy or find a specific thing or have a service performed for you, you just have to publish. the platform also makes it possible to promote business and products whether you are an individual, a small or a large company.

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Why grodess ?

    They all happen to us wanting to buy or sell (new or used equipment), wanting to find something (a house for rent, a plot, a person with a specialty, etc.), or even to have a service performed for us ( Reservation, transport of equipment, construction of an infrastructure, etc.) and we do not know where to find what we are looking for, Grodess comes to remedy this situation by grouping all on the same platform.


How it works ?

    Grodess is free, whether you are sellers, buyers, looking for any product or material, looking for someone to fulfill a need or service, this platform is made for you. You just have to publish your offer with a possibility to motivate people with a bonus, this bonus is optional. you just have to create your account and start an unforgettable experience.

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